Storage Solutions for Important Documents
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Storage Solutions for Important Documents

My husband and I are complete opposites. While I’m extremely organized, my spouse isn’t. He regularly scatters important documents such as credit card statements, car insurance bills, and pay stubs around our home. Because I worry about losing important papers, I’m constantly developing smart storage solutions for our documents. I keep some of our papers in a safe. I keep other items in a handy storage folder complete with tabs. I’ve labeled some of the tabs with the types of mail my husband and I receive regularly such as bills, retirement information, healthcare documentation, and sales papers. Another great option for storing mountains of paperwork is a rented storage unit. By housing important documentation in this type of storage facility, you can keep it out of your home. On this blog, I hope you will discover some ingenious ways to store your pertinent documents.

Storage Solutions for Important Documents

Answering A Few Common Questions About Storage Units

Alicia Rodriguez

Self storage facilities can be a great option for anyone that needs to free up space in their home or office. However, it can be common for individuals to have limited or no experience when it comes to using these services. When this is the case, it may be beneficial for you to have some common concerns about these services answered.

Are Climate Control Units Worth The Additional Expense?

There are some individuals that may not realize the numerous benefits that can come with renting a climate controlled storage unit. In particular, these units are able to ensure that the temperature and humidity inside the storage unit stay within a constant range. This makes these storage units ideal for those needing a place for electronics, paper documents, artwork, or antiques. By paying the negligible additional expense for climate controlled units, you will be able to prevent these items from being ruined by dramatic variations in the temperature and humidity.

Should You Buy Storage Insurance?

Whenever you store your items, you should always invest in an insurance policy. There are some individuals that are under the impression that their homeowner's insurance will extend to items that are in storage. However, this is seldom the case as the protection of these policies is often limited to your home and its contents. By investing in an insurance policy for your storage unit, you can help ensure that you are protected in the event that the unit suffers damage from floods, fires, and other unavoidable disasters.

What Should You Do To Prevent Dust From Gathering On Your Stored Items?

Dust accumulations can be among the main problems that you will encounter when storing items for an extended period of time. When protecting your items from this routine problem, you should typically avoid using plastic tarps as these materials can be prone to forming damaging condensation. In many cases, a simple cotton sheet should be sufficient for preventing large dust accumulations from gathering on the surface of your stored items.

Storing the items that you do not need on a regular basis can be an effective solution for those needing more space in their home or business. By appreciating the benefits of opting for climate-controlled units for sensitive items, the need to invest in an insurance policy for the storage unit, as well as the simple steps for minimizing dust accumulations, you can be better prepared to ensure that you have a pleasant experience when storing your possessions.